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Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal... Owner of Nidhi Art Gallery ..... ... 

Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal... 

Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal...

Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal..

                       Owner CMD:---> Nidhi Bandil Agarwal (M.F.A. in Painting)


                                                    NIDHI ART GALLERY

                                                   Address:15, Shatabdi Nagar,

                                                          Opposite E.P.I.P Gate,

                                        Sitapura,Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India-302033

                                             Established: 2003



Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal... Owner of Nidhi Art Gallery ..... ... 







(NIDHI ART GALLERY, Jaipur,Rajasthan,India ) PAINTINGS SELLER , Landscape , portrait , abstract , thematic , realistic , modern , stilllife , flowers,Beautiful n Cute Animals painting in oil , acrylic , water colour on canvas , wood , paper .

We also make portrait on order .

we make PAINTINGS on order.

NIDHI Art Gallery is for Modern & Contemporary Art in Shatabdi Nagar, Jaipur. Spread over a large area of 4000 sq. ft. Nidhi Art Gallery houses a massive & amazing collection of stunning Canvasses, Watercolours & Graphics by Eminent Artists like Artist Nidhi, Dr Bandil, Dr Agarwal, as well as Emerging Artists showing great promise. 
Nidhi Art Gallery is to showcase selective paintings by Indian Master Painters. Lakhs of tourist coming to Jaipur, India can now see a beautiful collection of our Master Painters from India . 
Nidhi Art Gallery showcases Contemporary Art by Eminent as well as Emerging Indian Artists. The Gallery has so far successfully sponsored 21 shows & their latest stylized canvasses can always be viewed in the Gallery’s Extensive collection which ranges from Abstract to Semi – Abstract, Surreal to Figurative Art, Landscapes, Portraits, Graphics, Historical in all medium, surface and sizes. 
An Exclusive Collection of Art & Novelties which fulfill your satisfaction under one roof. We have a collection of 1000 paintings of modern and traditional paintings. We have a great collection of good and senior artists & all types of modern paintings (oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on paper, etchings, lethos, abstract, modern monuments, landscape, modern figurative). We have a latest collection of modern & abstract paintings. All over Indian artist collection. Hand care is very easy and we roll up also and we send paintings by courier also (UPS. Courier, DHL. Courier). We have arranged a vast collection of glorious paintings (traditional, miniature, tanjore, tiles, marble, realistic, silk, all type of paper work, potrait).

Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal... Paintings made by Nidhi Bandil Agarwal...Owner of Nidhi Art Gallery ... ..
..... Nidhi Bandil Agarwal Oilwateracrylic colour Painting Artist Nidhiartgallery....

Painting ARTIST Nidhi Bandil Agarwal... Paintings made by Nidhi Bandil Agarwal...Owner of Nidhi Art Gallery ... ..
..... Nidhi Bandil Agarwal Oilwateracrylic colour Painting Artist Nidhiartgallery..


Nidhi Art Gallery Owner :- Nidhi Bandil Agarwal............

Nidhi Art Gallery Owner :- Nidhi Bandil Agarwal............



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about us

Nidhi Art Gallery.

Nidhi Art Gallery...

Welcome to our Web Site!  Here you will get to see our artworks and know more about us. We would love to receive your comments/suggestions on our work. We view each art lover as a potential friend and would much appreciate building a relationship, because anyone who reacts to our work is very important to us.
There is plenty for your viewing pleasure. Do go ahead and browse through what interests you. We hope that by the end, it will excite some interest in you to respond to our request and let us know your thoughts. 

Our "Nidhi art's exhibitions (are held).....not to demonstrate a uniform internationalism in art, but to show that art is a universal language in which the beauty and vitality that have their roots in each separate region can be communicated to every one. It is with great sense of satisfaction and pleasure that we present this glance. Of course! Nidhi art has an interesting period ahead, as it is set to take on a new momentum with its futuristic plans.... 

From the initial stages of bringing about an awareness, we are forging ahead towards consolidation and renewal. This manifestation is more than an exhibition or documentation. It is a cultural event which will undoubtedly provide a forum for interaction amongst art lovers. We have made an effort to showcase the works of our mainstream artists from different parts of the region. These works do not, in any way, represent the evolution of art but are select examples wherein each artist is restricted to a mere few works. So varied are these works in respect of techniques, measure and artistic response, that each constitutes an entity in itself. 
We are sure that this glance will help to raise the level of aesthetic sensibility and engender an increasing popular interest which maintains the integrity of the art works.... It is an effort to share an utopian vision, an intellectual approach and an interest in the integration of art............... into life..